Taste Bud Ticklers

Here are just a few of our delicious dishes, there are so many more, please talk to us if you require more information.


The Black Turle Bean Burger is the perfect burger with bite and warm spices. So morish with a drizzle of Mexican Tahini Peanut sauce!

This warm, spicy, wholesome vegetable chilli served with Naan or Pitta bread and a dollop of soured cream or yoghurt, sprinkled with fresh coriander is definitely a favourite!

This curry is amazing with chickpeas, loads of fresh vegetables and decorated with an explosion of colours. Served with rice!

These cheese tartles are a speciality in Switzerland and once you've tried one you want another one and another one ......

A delicate fragrant dish of cauliflower on a bed of Quinoa and rice with sweet potatoes. Topped with toasted almonds and a slice of lime.

This delicious wrap or roti with Seitan is just irresistible with the fresh crunchy vegetables, salsa and yoghurt dressing. 

This is a favourite of ours, a Japanese dish with lots of fresh vegetables, bean sprouts and noodles in a rich honey/soya sauce. Crunchy peanuts and lime on top!

Who doesn't like warm, spiced falafel on a bed of quinoa, rice, crunchy vegetables and herbs with a citrus vinaigrette?


This raspberry cheese cake is delicious as a raw treat with a date and coconut base or in a crunchy chocolate pastry shell. Might as well try both!

This dessert is just perfect! Not too sweet, refreshing with the juicy berries and a creamy filling! The bitter chocolate sauce just round the flavours off perfectly!

This delicious rich dark chocolate tart in a crunchy sweet pastry shell is finished with a dollop of cream and was inspired by a trip to Paris! We use 74% dark chocolate to produce this masterpiece.

This spiced, moist carrot cake has melted everyone's heart so far. It is just nice with a cup of tea, or coffee, or on its own or ........